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Top 5 Best Piano Keyboard Brands to Buy From in 2020

Brands always matter when it comes to buying stuff. That is why you’ll hear people referring to many things by the brand name. This also applies to pianos. Digital pianos are a recreation of acoustic pianos. The best brand is that which recreates to perfection.

For a long time, pianos have been identified by their manufacturers. Some people choose a piano based on the brand. However, this may not be the right way to deal with digital pianos, considering numerous brands are being produced each day.

It will amaze you to discover that a brand that is not well-known has one of the highest performing digital pianos. When it comes to piano keyboards, it means that you are simply concentrating on specific results about the music you want to play.

Manufacturers aim to recreate a digital piano from a sampled acoustic piano precisely. Buyers concentrate on several keys, Touch sensitivity, graded hammer action, and tactility.  Keep in mind that modern, highly rated piano keyboards have weighted keys that replicate an authentic acoustic piano feel.

In this article, we focus on the best piano keyboard brands to buy from. We arrived at these 5 brands based on how unique the keyboard is built and other essential features like sound quality.

1. Casio Piano Keyboard Brand

casio piano keyboard
Casio piano keyboard

Casio is on the frontline to manufacture top of the line digital pianos. The pianos are manufactured to meet the diverse uses and demands of piano enthusiasts.

A digital piano is perfect when it can feel almost similar to that of a traditional acoustic piano. With advancing technology, Casio has built a range of piano series with incredible sounds and wonderful keyboards.

Each Casio series has unique features; for instance, the PRIVIA Pro digital pianos come with AiR grand technology for excellent sound generation. Additionally, a grand acoustic system and countless effects ensure an unparalleled sound experience.

The pianos also come with functions like concert play to play along and pre-set to complete the incredible spectrum. All these features are easy to use for people of all levels of experience.

The PRIVIA and the compact series of digital pianos are portable, and beginners can find them easy to use. Moreover, they have a compact format but with dynamic sounds.

The amazing thing about the Casio digital pianos is the classic 88-key keyboard with an impressive 256-note polyphony. The scaled/graded hammer action keys on the keyboard give a feel of a real acoustic piano. Besides,  an ivory touch surface with ebony and ivory look keys offer excellent playability.

Some notable best Casio digital pianos include:

2. Yamaha Piano keyboard

2. Yamaha Piano keyboard
2. Yamaha Piano keyboard

Yamaha is synonymous with high-performing and long-lasting electronics. This innovativeness has been equally applied in the development of Yamaha pianos. With over a hundred years of developing acoustic pianos, Yamaha is, undoubtedly, a perfectionist in tone, touch, and beauty.

Moreover, each piano in the Yamaha brand has the precision, power, and nuance needed to explore the musical world fully.

The time and energy investment in acoustic pianos have been transferred to digital pianos. Currently, all Yamaha digital pianos feel and sound like their acoustic counterparts. Yamaha puts its pianos into 3 different categories, i.e., Clavinova, Arius, and Portables.

The CLAVINOVA is a compact piano keyboard model that recreates the power and performance of a concert grand. It has a magnificent tone, elegant design, and authentic acoustic action, thanks to the most influential technology incorporated. The Clavinova model features CLP, CSP, and CVP series.

Each series has specific features but shares another compatibility with iOS or Android devices, giving you effortless control (Yamaha Smart Pianist controller app), Virtual Resonance Modelling for perfect recreation of an acoustic piano, and availability in a wide range of cabinet designs, finishes, and colors.

The keys are weighted and graded, giving the authentic touch, response, and natural key return typical to a grand piano. The smooth release technology captures the color and nuance when playing legato, staccato, and everything in between. Moreover, the synthetic ebony and ivory keytops give a natural and comfortable feel to the fingertips.

You’ll still get additional features like dual and split modes, piano and string, and bass and guitar.

Yamaha piano is fit for people of all levels. For instance, the Yamaha CSP series is an excellent option for learners.

On the other hand, the ARIUS models are unique for its authentic touch, virtual vibrations, 3 pedals, and 2 headphones. This features the Yamaha Arius YDP-184, YDP -164, YDP – S54, YDP–144, YDP-S34, and YDP–103.

The PORTABLES have sounds sampled from flagship Yamaha CFX concert grand piano and have inbuilt speakers. The series includes the P-515, DGX-660, P-125, P-121, and P-45.

All Yamaha digital pianos are, without a doubt, one of the best piano keyboard brands to buy from.

Some of the best Yamaha piano keyboards:

3. Kawai Piano Keyboards

Kawai Piano Keyboards
Kawai Piano Keyboards

What makes Kawai worth considering as the best piano keyboard brands to buy from is its wide range of models that fit all users’ classes. Besides, the pianos have innovative features and give an authentic feel. Keep in mind that Kawai has been creating acoustic pianos for over 90 years.

These knowledge and experience have been recreated in their digital pianos. Thus, their digital pianos are known for harmonic imaging sound technology, excellent wooden-key actions, the unique Soundboard Speaker System, and USB digital audio.

Piano enthusiasts will tell you how realistic the black and white keys feel on the keyboard, thanks to their graded hammer action. Together with other features and mechanisms that work harmoniously, pianists can express their emotions and prowess in music as they create and respond to the tactile nuances transmitted through the keyboard.

The notable models include:

  • CS series: it features the CS11 / CS11W. This is a class of luxurious digital pianos that gives the experience of the grand piano. The keyboard features the Triple sensor key detection, Ivory & Ebony Touch key surfaces, Let-off Simulation, and 88-key Graded Counterweights.
  • CA series: this series features real wooden keys and flagship sound technology. It covers four powerful digital pianos such as CA 98, CA 58, CA, 48, and CA 78.
  • CN series: this is the affordable pianos class, with standout features such as weighted and graded keys. It covers the CN39, CN 17, and CN 29.

Other Kawai series include ES, M, VPC, KDP/KCP, CP, and CL. With Kawai, digital pianos, you’ll enjoy the playability and breathtaking sounds.

The 3 Best Kawai Piano Keyboards are:

4. Korg Piano Keyboards

Korg doesn’t enjoy the reputation of big names like Yamaha. However, the acclaimed pianist has endorsed Korg digital pianos products as one of the best piano keyboard brands to buy from. In over fifty years of its existence, Korg has been making one of the most outstanding digital pianos.

The pianos from Korg have an authentic feel, realistic piano sounds, and easy to use controls, making these digital pianos the best for all levels.

The brand features a versatile series of digital pianos like the B, C, LP, SP, and SV models.

Like other digital pianos, you can get the full-size keyboard pianos and different sizes of pianos, e.g., 76 keys. You’ll get other amazing features in the Korg digital pianos are the scaled hammer action keyboards that give you the feel of a real acoustic piano, onboard speakers, excellent touch sensitivity, headphone capabilities, pedal, and a generous number of polyphony notes.

Besides, the pianos have an excellent design and are easily portable such as

5. Roland Piano Keyboards

Roland is a household name when it comes to building musical instruments. With digital pianos, Roland has not disappointed its users. The company uses the latest and unique technology, to ensure that piano enthusiast gets value for their money.

More so, these pianos come in a wide range of features and numerous designs. Also, they have features suiting users of all levels of experience.

You’ll get amazing sounds, some of which are downloadable, pro sounds, WAV expansion slots, headphones, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The pianos from Roland were created to inspire musicians and pianos enthusiasts. The impressive designs, sounds, and key actions from the digital pianos offer a real feel to the eyes, ears, and fingertips. Professional performers find the stage pianos their daily companions; because such pianos have supreme quality sound, are easy to use, and employ powerful technology to make them remain relevant.

From this manufacturer, you can get a range of digital piano series like HP-Series, FP-Series, RP-Series, LX-Series, Kiyola Series, FP-Series, and RD-Series.

Examples of the Best Roland Piano Keyboards:

How to Choose the Best Digital Piano Based On Brand:

Worldwide, the number of piano makers is immense. However, only a handful of them manufactures digital pianos. The most frequently asked question is: Who are the best piano keyboard brands to buy from in the world? Well, there isn’t an obvious answer to this question.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that only a few manufacturers have the quality and a standout history; thus can be considered among the best brands.


There is no particular metric that can be employed to determine a digital piano’s quality and versatility. But, you’ll know a high performing digital piano by a perfect combination of tone, sound, history, and action. The best piano is timeless and produces unmatched sounds in terms of power, tone, and range.


Sound, keyboard layout, polyphony, learning aid, and touch response are features to keep in mind.

  • Sound: the sound of a digital piano is a pre-recorded sound of an acoustic piano. During recording, the quality may be altered. The best sound should mimic the acoustic piano. It should be warm and less digital.
  • Number of Keys: always get a full-size keyboard, i.e., with 88 keys, though there are other key ranges like 61 keys. A full keys size gives you an easy time plying.
  • Polyphony: this is the maximum number of sounds a piano can produce at one time. A 256 note of polyphony means such a piano can produce 256 sounds at a go. This is possible because the sustain pedal allows it.
  • Touch response: the amount of pressure you use on the key determines the volume of the sounds produced in touch-sensitive pianos. This gives control to other dynamics of the music. Similarly, digital pianos have been fitted with weighted semi-weighted or keys without weight. Weighted keys mimic the acoustic pianos; thus, a good option for pianists.
  • Learning aids: some brands offer impressive learning aids like Keys that light up for you to follow, Dual-mode, and a built-in metronome.


Currently, brands are making digital pianos with graded hammer action keyboards, keys with improved tactility, and impressive sound technologies. All these are aimed at recreating the sounds and feels of traditional acoustic pianos. In fact, some have gone ahead and recreated the sounds of two grand pianos and placed them in a single digital piano.

Some brands like Yamaha and Casio are basically household names. People will almost always choose them, considering the long-standing rich history. But when it comes to selecting a brand, you have to address your needs –the level of experience, the features that excite, and the sounds and keyboard type.

I hope that the top 5 Best Piano Keyboard Brands discussed above would help you make an informed purchasing decision.

If there’s anything we haven’t covered, or you’d like us to review a specific brand, leave us a comment below.


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